SPACE BATTLE: Cartridge from Intellivision.

Outer-Space action, science fiction thrills! Computer-controlled alien invaders attacking!! You check the Mother Ship radar map, deploy the defense, Ready, Aim, Fire Missiles! Win the battle, save the day!

  • Two views to work with - Mother Ship radar map and Astro Fighter cockpit close-up!
  • Plot your strategy! Maneuver to engage attackers. Test your interplanetary marksmanship!
  • Simulated 3-D motion - "Stars" in the heavens twinkle!
  • Simulated sound effects such as "Laser" cannons, Direct hits, "Disaster Signal"
  • Fail to beat off the attack and "Mankind is done for! Win the battle, save the Mother Ship!!

Remember This game is for Color TV Viewing Only!!!

All used games are tested and working before we ship them, that being said we do not offer a warranty on used games that are over 20 years old, LOL.

Happy Classic Gaming!!!!


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