Brand New Game For Intellivision!!
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New Games for the INTELLIVISION Master Component! It does not get any cooler than this!!

Thats right, you heard me, they are making Brand New Games for the INTELLIVISION GAME SYSTEM!

ELEKTRONiTE is now making New Games for Old School Games Systems, we will be selling all there new games for all kinds of systems!!

This new game is DIIK Arcade, its classic arcade jumping and climbing action!

This one is Two Games In One! The Classic Arcade Games PLUS a second game with five all NEW levels based on the arcade hit D2K Jumpman Returns!!

TWISTED GIRDERS - A new barrels board loaded with suprises! Stay constantly alert because barrels travel both ways and flames rain down from above!

THE MIXER - A relentless cement mixer tops off empty pie plates while full ones twirl down from the sky! Can you master the timing it takes to clear each conveyor?

THE REFINERY - OIL, Gas and an array of safety valves...this level has "DANGER" written all over it. Outsmart Kong by putting out the fires guarding the top towers!

TRIPLE ELEVATORS - Conquer your fear of heights and outsmart merciless fireballs guarding narrow and unforgiving columns. Don't forget the infamous springs!

THE ELMIMINATOR - Only appearing on level 3, this is DK's final attempt to "eliminate" you. Don't be afraid of the blue fire... it won't hurt you - unlike everything else!


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